Frequently Asked Questions

Debit Card

Q. When do I get my Spending Allowance deposited to my debit card?      

Deposits are based on your personalized budget:

Monthly - payments post the *4th

Twice Per Month - payments post *4th and *16th

Weekly - payments post Wednesdays

*Please note: If a payment falls on weekend or holiday it will usually post the next business day.

Q. How do I check the balance on my debit card?        

Balance/Transaction inquiry by phone by calling (877) 380-0978
Visit on the web
FREE Text Alerts *

*Standard text messaging rates will apply. Please check with your cell phone carrier and inquire about fees your carrier may associate with Text Alerts                                                    

Q. What if I need to replace my card because it is lost or stolen?      

You need to contact Card Member Services at (877) 380-0978 to order a new card. Be sure to confirm your mailing address is updated.
Replacement Fees: Standard Delivery (7-10 business days) $10
                                     Expedited Delivery (3-5 business days) $35

Q. Why am I getting fees charged to my debit card?    

Most common fees to avoid:                                                                                             

Purchase Using PIN - $0.50
Out-of-Network ATM Fee - $1.75 to $3.50 + ATM Owner fee
Card Declined for Insufficient Funds - $0.75
ATM Balance Inquiry - $0.75 (In-Network), $1.00 (International)
Card Replacement Fees - Standard $10 - Expedited $35    

Q. How can I use my card for free on purchases and cash withdrawals?   

FREE - To make a purchase (where MasterCards are accepted) Swipe Card, choose credit option and sign your name.
FREE - ALLPOINT or COMERICA ATM cash withdrawals
FREE - Cash withdrawal from a teller inside of a bank (valid ID required)

Q. Where can I find an Allpoint ATM?    

Visit for locations near you.

Address Changes and Reporting a Move

Q. I moved, what do I need to do?

Notify our office right away! Most rents are scheduled to be released on the 25th. We REQUIRE at least 5 business days to process a rent change to ensure proper procedure. If you fail to report changes in a timely manner, you run the risk of rent being paid to the landlord on record.

Q. What information do you need for a rental agreement?     

All rental agreements need to include client name, phone number, physical address and mailing address (if different), move in date, rent amount, deposits if any, utilities to pay (OR utilities included if renting a room), landlord name, landlord's mailing address and phone number. The agreement must be signed and dated by the client and landlord. Click here for our Address Change Form

Q. I’m Homeless/Traveling, what do I need to do?        

Monthly verbal contact is REQUIRED. You MUST call the office to confirm the following information - Name, Date of Birth, Mailing Address, Phone/Message Number and Any Changes.               

*Failure to report could result in holding your pay for contact.


Q. When will I get my extra allotments that Helping Hands saves for me throughout the year?  

The approximate schedule for Clothing and Holidays, provided that all required receipts are accounted for, your account is in good standing and your savings have accumulated is:                                                                                                                                                                
- Spring Clothing Allowance (Receipts Required) – Late March                                                         

- Summer Entertainment – Late June                                                                                                          

- Fall Clothing Allowance (Receipts Required) – Late Sept                                                                      

- Christmas – Late Nov

- Birthday – Approximately 1-2 weeks before your birthday


Extra Requests

Q. Can I make an extra request? 

We try to max personal spending whenever possible, however if there are accumulated savings that are not earmarked, a request can be made "Receipts Required", provided that all required receipts are accounted for and your account is in good standing. 

Q. How long does it take to process an extra request?

Please allow at least 5 business days to process your extra request. If approved, the funds should post to your next personal spending allotment.

Q. Why do I need to turn in receipts?      

For your protection the Social Security Administration REQUIRES our financial accountability.

Q. What receipts to I need to keep and turn in?

All clothing allowance allotments and any approved extra requests.

Q. What if I lost my receipts?         

If receipts are not available you may submit to our office a written statement with the date, amount received, place of purchase and items bought.


Large Purchase Requirements

Q. I have Back Pay coming from SSA and all my current needs are met, how do I get access to my money?         

Your back pay will follow the same policy and procedures as any other request. Your receipts must be in order. We limit cash requests for personal purchases to $500 receipts required. For big ticket items such as furniture or appliances we prefer to pay the store directly from an invoice.

Q. What are the requirements to purchase an Auto, Motorhome or Trailer for my personal use?           

Please click highlighted text to view our Purchase Request and Check List


Missing Checks

Q. My check didn't come today; will you send a new one?     

We will gladly replace a missing check once it has been missing for 5 business days. This allows time, in case of a postal error, to correct itself and save you the stop payment fee of $35.


Account Information

Q. Can I get a copy of my ledger to see my account activity? 

Yes! We are able to provide quarterly ledger reports upon request.

Q. Can I get a copy of my estimated budget?    

Yes! We provide estimated budgets by request and any time there is a major change in your budget.


Contacting Helping Hands

Q. Where is Helping Hands located?      

We are a private office. All services are provided by phone, fax, email, website or mail.

Q. When can I call to speak with a Client Service Representative?  

Our normal phone hours are Monday through Thursday 9AM to 3PM.

Q. How long should it take before I get a response from Helping Hands?  

Calls are returned in the order received. We return calls as soon as possible (usually the same day) when you provide good contact information. Please keep in mind some phone days are heavier than others.

Q. Why didn't I get my call returned?       

We do our best to return within two days. If you did not leave a clear name and return number we will not be able to return your call. Also, repeat calling or verbally abusive messages will not be returned. If you haven't heard from us within two business days please call back.

*Be sure your voicemail is set up in case you miss our call.


Reporting Responsibilities

Q. What information will I need to report to Helping Hands to stay in compliance?           

We've compiled a list of your Reporting Responsibilities, please click on the link.

Q. What if I fail to report changes?          

Failure to report a change could result in an overpayment, or possibly your benefit being suspended until in compliance.

Representative Payee Services